Makuta of Comedy, or MoC, has been a comedy writer on BZP for two years. She is a member of the Toa Zehvor and deputy leader of their team based group, Omega Turtle Studios.

MoC has written multiple comedies during her stay. Her main comedy, The Funny and Wierd Adventures of OTS, was a big hit at the time of it's release, but it has faded back into non-famousness, party due to Toa Zehvor MT, the co-author, being incredibly lazy and not writing a chapter. (Please note, MT wrote that part about him being lazy, not MoC). MoC is also a comic maker, and her OTS comics are a far bigger success than the comedy ever was.

MoC's first comedy was "My Insane Bionicle Sets". The comedy went well for a long time, with a ton of chapters... Sadly all good things come to an end. When BZP went insane and destroyed everything, every chapter in the comedy was lost. Or so MoC though... MoC later found most of the chapters thanks to google. Some chapters remained missing though. MoC reposted the comedy, and continued it for a while, although MoC found out that it wasn't the same after the comedy was destroyed during the bzpcatalsm. MoC let the comedy fade away. Later, MoC missed writing the comedy, and re-opened it (Although with lesser PGS'). MoC found it fun for a while, but then lost the feeling for it. The comedy might rise up again later, once MoC is done with "The Funny and Wierd Adventures of OTS".

MoC has currently been listed as a writer/co-curator for The Architect, though the project itself has been suspended indefinitely due to BZP's down time.

MoC's PersonalityEdit

MoC procrastinates on her comic series/comedys. She is normally bored.

MoC no longer procrastinates on her comic series/comedies... Sometimes...

Character ProfileEdit


MoC is a Makuta(duh), standing a few feet higher than a Toa and wielding a scythe. MoC usually wears, a cape, or a black coat.

Me and the Bionicles!Edit

In MATB, MoC is a Makuta who ran away from the Brotherhood, and joined Protohuman's group. He is male for the first half of the series, until it turns out she is actually female.

She has red armor, and has a slight connection with her former brothers.


  • The Forgotten Memory is MoC's twin sister.
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