MT's One Shots are a group of one shot comedies that involve two characters from Aftermath giving a presentation about something, which generally pertains to BZPower somehow. For example, one of the one shots, called "How To Make A Comedy," is a humorous presentation given by Zaktan and Tahu on how to make a comedy on BZP.

These one shots have surprisingly brought MT a large amount of fame, almost more than Aftermath has. They are largely regarded as some of the best comedies in the forum, and each one has received very high review marks.

A List of MT's One ShotsEdit

Aftermath Review Topic (nominated for best one-shot of 2011)

Comedy Forum FAQ

Is it Fair and Just?

Vote For Us!

Ha Ha Ha This is Spam!

Five Reasons why Tahu Should be Your Favorite Toa

Where's the Love?(made in response to the numerous kissing banners around BZP)

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