Lewa is a character from Lewa0111's comedies, especially The Nuva Inn. He is based on the canon BIONICLE character. Although he originated in The Nuva Inn (becoming the new leader of the Toa Nuva after hearing about Zaktan being the Piraka leader in the '06 storyline), he has made appearances in most of Lewa0111's comedies, especially Lewa0111's School of Comedy and Ask Matau!. This Lewa has an obsession with making money, usually coming up with increasingly absurd schemes to do so, such as charging customers money to watch Gresh and Strakk fight in an arena match or buying out "The Nuva Condos" (in fact, the original reason The Nuva Inn began was as one of Lewa's schemes). He is also incredibly lazy, and spends most of his time in his "Manager's suite" doing "manager-y things" such as drinking smoothies, watching BIONICLE scenes featuring himself, and reclining in his ridiculously comfortable massage chair while ordering everyone else to do the work for him. He also seems to have a rivalry with Gresh, due to their both being money-crazy green characters.


Lewa first appeared in the very first chapter of The Nuva Inn. Here, after Tahu decided that "red guys are always the leader, it's in the script," Lewa argued that since Zaktan was the Piraka leader in '06, he, Lewa, should get to be the new leader. He then appointed himself manager of the new hotel. For the first two chapters, he spoke in treespeak much like his BIONICLE counterpart, although he then inexplicably stopped doing so for some reason. This was later brought up during the Star Wars spoof saga, in which one of the temporary new running jokes was that whenever Noob Master supertoaofuberownedage123 (a Palpatine spoof) would say "I'm awesome," Lewa would randomly speak in treespeak again until he said the line once more. Over the course of the series, Lewa has become more and more obsessed with laziness, himself, and money.

Lewa has a more minor role in L#SC, appearing only as one of the Toa Nuva and not yet having done much in the comedy. He also appeared prominently in Ask Matau! during the crossover saga, as well as being seen in several of the one-post comedies. Lewa also appears in "Lewa's Computer," although the Lewa in this comedy is more based on Lewa Phantoka from the official series and does not have the same personality as TNI Lewa.


Lewa's main catchphrases:

  • "MONEY! $_$"
  • "I have important manager things to do!"
  • "You are so fired!"

Running jokes involving Lewa:

  • Gresh getting angry over 20 widgets that he stole from him
  • Lewa drinking smoothies and relaxing in his massage chair
  • "I'm awesome!" triggering his treespeak (Star Wars saga only)
  • Appearing in other comedies, having money obsessions copyrighted (and subsequently triggering Keetongu)

Other notable quotes:

  • None yet, add your favorites!
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