Levacius is a former comedy writer on BZP, as well as a frequent visitor of the comedy forum and a big fan of MT's TBTTRAH Series. He is best known on the RPG forum for his "controversial" games that generally do well in voting despite the veteran RPGers dislike of them. He is also a semi frequent MoCer, and he even attempted a comic strip once.

Levacius, as he appears in Season 8 of Aftermath.


Levacius has written three comedies to date, all titled "The Bionicles House," with the latter two just have the corresponding number stuck on the end(e.g. TBH 2). The comedies received a decent amount of popularity while they were in existence, but Levacius eventually lost interest in writing them and eventually moved on.

TBTTRAH SeriesEdit

In the TBTTRAH Series, Lev is one of the most trusted Toa Zehvor. He played a crucial part in the team's (eventually successful) quest to defeat Xenon.

When the house was destroyed on H-Day, Lev began to make a name for himself. He traveled with most of the other Zehvor, fleeing the government under Mete's control to Virginia/Maryland, where they met three other Bionicles that helped take them to another dimension where MT, Mesonak, and Omega Turtle were hiding. There, Lev helped defeat Meta Sboog, and after Mete was destroyed, helped the Bionicles establish a relationship of secrecy with the government.

Levacius then went with MT into the Coffee Mines, where he was infused with Xenon. He helped the Zehvor later defeat Nightmare and Ihr, and beating the latter removed his infusion.

He was also a part of the group that destroyed planet Kyrell and 4 Mask's operation to breed invincible troops, and also killed his long lost evil clone, Suicavel, in a battle that bought MT the time he neede to get through to the Dark Lord's lair. Levacius later fought the Dark Lord and joined the Zehvor Nui that nearly brought Xeno down, but he survived the battle due to some heroics by Pridak.

Soon afterwards, Lev, along with the other Zehvor, was given a new set of armor by Avak, and a mission to rid the remaining Xenon on other planets.

Levacius is classified as a "dangerous" opponent on the IUPD Threat Level Gauge.

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