Kapurkar: Toa of Transport (originally fire smoke and steam) is a three-year member of BZPower and a fairly experienced and creative writer. He has wriiten several comedies and has also dabbled in comic making and Epics. His addiction to trains has often slowed this, though.


Kapurkar joined BZPower on June 2, 2007. HIs first comedy, The Toa in the Pacific, was closed due to a lack of words. A little discouraged, he tried to write epics, which had no word limit. His first, The Adventures of Toa Electro, based off a fictional Toa he created, made it to ten chapters before he lost interest. With no revival rule, though, he may try to restart this. Only time will tell.

After a while, he tried to start a comic studio, like his sister. A lack of posts, coupled with the fact that he needed to update it every 20 days, soon made this fall out of favor. He soon quit and went back to comedy writing.

Since his joining of BZPower, Kapurkar has guest starred in various comedies, and written his share of them. His two most recently updated ones are Ask the Voyatoran and The Kikinalo Launching Competitions! He also helped write Bionicle goes...Hollywood?

Kapurkar has had various name changes. From fire smoke and steam, he changed it to a new name, which he shorted to JDLM so as not to reveal his hometown. He later became Kapurkar, Toa of Railroads, and later changed that to its present form.

Kapurkar once had a blog which he updated on Occasion. He no longer updates this since he is no longer a premier member.

Comedies/Epics written by him.Edit

The Toa in the Pacific! (no longer findable.)

The Adventures of Toa Electro.

Time Twist (no longer available.)

Ask the Voyatoran!

Toa's Hope Hospital

The Kikinalo Launching Competitions!

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