Jalina, not to be confused with the author and BZP member of the same name, is a character often used in the aforementioned member's comedies. Jalina is a avatar of sorts for the author in her comedies. She is basically a comedy version of the author, and is not aware that she is a comedy character. (or is she?)

Jalina is a main character in Road Trip, Road Trip 2!, and Bionicle Interviews. She has also been seen in BZPower 101.


Jalina is a human girl, average height, with neon blue hair, often pulled back into a ponytail. She spends a lot of her time reading books, working on schoolwork (which is what the author should be doing right now) and cleaning up after her character's messes. In Road Trip 2, she is one of the group's peacekeepers, and one of the only people any of them will listen to. She is also the one that pays for everything the group breaks. How she pays for it, no one knows.

In Bionicle Interviews, Jalina is an interviewer who goes around interviewing the different Bionicle characters in her local city. She is patient, quick to notice when things are going out of control, and accident prone.


Jalina is a main character in Road Trip and Road Trip 2! She is also the main character/interviewer in Bionicle Interviews. She also has a cameo appearance in BZPower 101.

Jalina has also made cameo appearances in other comedies, either by mention or by guest star.

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