JL's Story

JL's Story



Release date:

June 26, 2011 (Non-BZP), BZP release date TBA

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JL's Story is a action-comedy written by Jl1223. It is one of the comedies in the TBTTRAH time-continuum that is not written by Toa Zehvor MT. The story itself is about JL, as a Freelancer, before he was recruited into the Toa Zehvor. The first season is a Hipor exclusive, while season 2 and onwards is on BZPower. Specials would be posted on HiPor and BZP.

Plot Overview

Season 1: Freelancers

JL is a rookie Freelancer, who manages to mess up the first mission he is sent on.

Season 2: Warriors

5 Xenon Freelancers plan a assault on Kylteon, the planet Freelancers are based on. The IUPD send out teams of Freelancers, each to deal with 1 of the five. And as usual, JL is there to muck things up.

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