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|Row 1 info = Jl1223
|Row 1 info = Jl1223
|Row 2 title = Release date:
|Row 2 title = Release date:
|Row 2 info = June 26, 2011 (Non-BZP), BZP release date TBA
|Row 2 info = June 26, 2011 (Non-BZP), Oct 14, 2011 (BZP)
|Row 3 title = CCC Awards:
|Row 3 title = CCC Awards: None.
|Row 3 info = 0
|Row 3 info = 0
|Row 4 title = Status:
|Row 4 title = Status:

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JL's StoryEdit

JL's Story



Release date:

June 26, 2011 (Non-BZP), Oct 14, 2011 (BZP)

CCC Awards: None.




JL's Story is a action-comedy written by Jl1223. It is one of the comedies in the TBTTRAH time-continuum that is not written by Toa Zehvor MT. The story itself is about JL, as a Freelancer, before he was recruited into the Toa Zehvor. The first season is a Hipor exclusive, while season 2 and onwards is on BZPower. Specials would be posted on HiPor and BZP.

Plot OverviewEdit

Season 1: FreelancersEdit

JL is a rookie Freelancer who was recruited into the Freelancer Program, a project that was a joint operation by The Director and the IUPD Secret Service. After some basic training, he is sent on a mission to retrieve special data from rebels, just in case it falls into wrong hands. Luckily, it didn't.

Season 2: WarriorsEdit

5 Xenon Freelancers plan a assault on Kylteon, the planet Freelancers are based on. The IUPD sends out a team to stop them. The team keeps on repelling their attacks, waiting for the next time they came. Soon, 1 by 1, the chaotic Freelancers are killed. But Xenox, the leader of the group of Xenon Freelancers, calls in help. He is killed before the help arrives, but in the end, Xenon still arrives on the planet, starting to corrupt it after the chance Xenox had to destroy it.

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