The IUPD, or Intergalactic Union of Planetary Defenses, is a force for good working within the Milky Way Galaxy in the TBTTRAH Series. Despite it's name, it does not function within multiple galaxies, and is only named that because it is creating plans to explore and colonize planets in different galaxies. The IUPD is responsible for much of the fight against Xenon, and has participated in multiple wars against races brought under Xenon's control.


The IUPD uses Toa as the main line of it's military. However, most of these Toa serve because of their size and physical abilities, not because of elemental control, the reason being that after the Terna War, most Toa lost their elemental energy powers due to repeated exposure to Terna plasma weaponry. Because of that, the IUPD has adapted their own types of guns and other common military weaponry to suit the Toa, as well as giving limited supplies of elemental energy to it's more trusted members.

The IUPD also has massive shipyards located on planets Vundas and it's capital, Delarax. Space combat is where the IUPD's true strength lies, as they are able to construct much larger ships than the Terna due to the Terna's recent spending of materials on other wars.

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