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Chapters 1
Start date Feb 24, 2010
Status Ended
Author(s) Toa Nidhiki05
Link: Hakahukadakabuka

Hakahukadakabuka was a one-post comedy written by Toa Nidhiki05. It was based off of the example of a 'speculation' topic used by the BZPower Storyline and Theories forum.

Plot Overview[]

During the year 2020, set after Mata Nui restored Spherus Magna and released the denizens of the Matoran Universe onto Spherus Magna. The evil ghost of Avak, kept alive by a magical artifact, has used a device he created to turn Mata Nui evil, causing him to go on a destructive rampage. Only six heroes sent by the Great Beings themselves, the Hakahukadakabuka, can defeat Evil Mata Nui and restore peace to Spherus Magna.

At Random Fire Village #937, Random Agori #249, Random Ta-Matoran #356, and Random Agori #267 are discussing what a great day it is, and also hoping that Evil Mata Nui does not invade the village. As Random Agori #267 grieves for his friend, Random Agori #762, who was killed when Random Water Village #476 was destroyed, Evil Mata Nui arrives, using his pointy stick to cause mass terror, until the Hakahukadakabuka arrive. Evil Mata Nui comments on how the Hakahukadakabuka look like cheap MEGA-BLOKS, Hakahukadakabuka #2 reveals they are, and that the heroes the Great Beings intended to send were on vacation, so they sent the Hakahukadakabuka instead. When Hakahukadakabuka #2 tries to attack Evil Mata Nui, he is poked by his pointy stick, causing him to collapse. Hakahukadakabuka #4 tries to attack Evil Mata Nui with his FRYING PAN, but it does not work, and Evil Mata Nui activates his nUcLeAr StApLeR, almost hitting Hakahukadakabuka #5 and killing Hakahukadakabuka #6. Hakahukadakabuka #1 insults Evil Mata Nui's spelling ability, and then the remaining four Hakahukadakabuka combine their powers, removing Avak's ghost from Mata Nui's body, killing him. Hakahukadakabuka #4 declares they have won, and the Agori and Matoran cheer.


  • Hakahukadakabuka
  • Random Agori #249
  • Random Ta-Matoran #356
  • Random Agori #267
  • Random Agori #762 (mentioned only, deceased)
  • Great Beings (mentioned only)
  • Evil Mata Nui
  • Avak
  • Teridax (mentioned only, deceased)
  • Narrator
  • Toa Nidhiki05 (labeled as 'Me')


  • Evil Mata Nui/Avak talks in inverted text, a reference to the duck fad.