An architect banner by shadow the makuta-d3batu1

Artwork for The Architect, a yet-to-be released epicomedy.

An epicomedy is a comedy on BZPower that has a serious plotline underneath the jokes and humor of it all. Epicomedies are rarely found on BZP, as they are tricky to pull off due to it being hard to find the right balance between humor and serious plotline.

On BZPEdit

Epicomedies were almost unheard of on BZP until Aftermath came into existence in May of 2009. The story popularized the style somewhat, and, at the very least, showed that it could be done well. Epicomedies since then are difficult to locate on the forum, but they aren't as in such rare supply as they were before Aftermath came about.

The only other epicomedy even known about pre-Aftermath was My Life With the Bionicles, which hasn't had a chapter written in it for years.


Epicomedies are not quite so rare in other parts of life. They are typically found in the form of internet/television
Screen shot 2011-06-29 at 4.42.03 PM

Red vs. Blue is a popular epicomedy video series.

shows or movies, though there are a few comic strips in newspapers, such as Gasoline Alley, that would align themselves with the epicomedy style.

A number of video games, such as Okami, would also be qualified as epicomedies, though these are incredibly rare and difficult to find, and even harder to pull off correctly.

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