Elitha is a name referring to two seperate entities: a sadistic mask maker and her creation, the Kanohi Mask of Death selfishly named after her. Elitha herself was stripped of her physical form and her spirit sealed inside the mask as a punishment, but this proved to be a huge mistake.


Elitha, having created a body for herself


Early lifeEdit

Elitha started out life as a servant of the Brotherhood of Makuta, created for the purpose of crafting masks. Because the Brotherhood deprived her of life and true communication, she became somewhat anti-social and even insane. Teridax wanted her to craft the Mask of Time, she did not, so she was punished. These punishments drove her more and more off the edge and she began to secretly rebel against the abusive Brotherhood by gathering thoughts from the mind of Teridax, which proved difficult. The answer came to her in the form of a Kanohi Mask: The Ignika. From then on, she began using her crafting skills and her own life energy to force the mask's polar-opposite, the Mask of Death. She named it the Kanohi Elitha, after herself.


The Kanohi Elitha


  • The Kanohi Elitha was originally an all-black Ignika painted by ShadowBionics. He was inspired by a drawing and then decided to make it looks corroded and rusty for effect.
  • The character of Elitha hails from an alternate universe who is simply trapped inside of the main universe. None the less, she still wishes for revenge on the Brotherhood, no matter "which Brotherhood" it is.
  • She also wants revenge on the author ShadowBionics for being responsible for her backstory, thus being the reason why she has suffered so much.
  • Elitha has an interest in astronomy, moreso the moon itself.


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