Down in the Blue, blue Pit was ManiacToaLaco's first comedy. It was also his only one written in script. It ended after 12 chapters, on a cliff hanger of sorts.

Plot SummaryEdit

Considering that it was Maniac's first comedy, it was very different from his latter works. For instance, DITBBP was written entirely in script, with emoticons, and constitued of hair brained schemes and nonsense plots.

The main characters were the Barraki, with their usual stereotypes (Takadox plotting, Carapar dumb, etc), living in the Pit, which they had made rather homely. Each barraki had a house, fridge, telephones, television, and there was even a Pizza service run by Matoran. The Toa Mahri appear, who see the Barraki plotting, and decide to investigate.

After some wacky hijinks, the Barraki decide to capture the host of Crunch, Ajay (used to be on YTV, Ajay is on other things now). The Mahri pursue, and after an instense battle in Ajay's hosting room, (Maniac's first taste of action), the Barraki win. Hydraxon shows up however, and the Barraki flee, and Jaller is captured. Jaller is in jail, where he meets the author, ManiacToaLaco, and Boxorak, a crazy, sugar crazed bohrok. After escaping, he meets up with the other Toa Mahri, who have met up two new toa; a womanizer who tries his skills on Hahli, and a crazed doctor.

The Barraki, Toa Mahri, Hydraxon and Maxilos, who in the confusion got the Mask of Life, are ready to cross paths in an exciting battle!

Which never happend.

It's never explained why Maniac never continued DITBBP, but there are reasons suggested; the world wasn't ready for it, the stars needed to be aligned again, or something.

Maniac did return however, bigger and better than ever.


  • The guest stars Boxorak, Tahkan and Master of Madness would return for Transonicle as Wipeout, Tahkan Metra and Blue Flame, respectively
  • Maniac would try another original comedy, The Piraka Kick, that got one chapter and just stopped
  • Maniac enjoyed the "clean feeling" that DITBBP had, although he had no idea how to continue it
  • Unlike the Transonicle series, DITBBP was an original production
  • DITBBP was Maniac's only comedy down in script. The rest are done in prose
  • DITBBP stands for Down in the Blue, blue Pit, incase you were wondering.
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