Dorks 'r' Us 3 is an upcoming comedy which will be the sequel to Dorks 'r' Us and Dorks 'r' Us 2. It will be written by author Zooplankton. Like it's predecessors, nearly the entire cast is made up of guest stars, except for a few characters that were made by Zooplankton. Dorks 'r' Us 3 will be made due to the fact that Dorks 'r' Us 2 was left with a cliffhanger, and he felt that a series such as Dork's 'r' Us should be ended properly. Like Dorks 'r' Us 2, it will be almost entirely intelligent and non-random humor. It's exact launch date is not known at this time.


Not much is known about the plot besides that it will start where Dorks 'r' Us 2 left off.



  • Unlike Zooplankton's previous comedies, this sequel will not end on a cliffhanger.
  • Zooplankton intends not to introduce a lot of new guest stars, as the cast list for Dorks 'r' Us 2 was pretty long.
  • Like the previous installment, any guest stars who's real life member is no longer on BZPower will no longer be in the story.
  • The destruction of Smith in every chapter will continue in Dorks 'r' Us 3.
  • This is planned to be the final sequel.
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