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Dark Corridor is an unfisished alternate reality comedy written by Squishyfrog.

Premise Edit

Dark Corridor's general plot is very mysterious and dark. Squishyfrog has remarked that "It's supposed to lure the the reader into a false sense of security and surround them with an atmosphere of warped physics and murderous inhabitants. So, basically, it's supposed to make the reader wonder what the heck is going on." He then said that he believed he failed that feeling, however.

A major aspect in the story is time; though Squishyfrog has not revealed what relevance time has in the story, he has said it is something very important.

Characters Edit

Squishyfrog: The main character in the story, Squishy finds himself in a tight situation. While he desperately wants to escape the twisted forums, he also feels great sadness towards the members and wishes to help them learn.

An unnamed blue entity: Of unknown origin, this strange being seems to have great knowledge about his world and it's inhabitants. Squishyfrog has said that "He is not the ruler of the world, not even close, but he is perhaps the most prominent."

I is happy: An imported character from Noob Zone Power, I is happy protests against the randomness of the strange boards, but he admits that they're better than NZP.

_BioBeast_: A mysterious man who almost appears to be hunting Squishyfrog. Not much is known about him.

Neelh: A normal civilian who seems to have little to no knowledge about her previous life on NZP. Not much else is known about him.

The future of Dark Corridor Edit

While it is discontinued and it did not receive much input, Squishyfrog has said on the subject on continuing it: "It's such a strange world with such a dark feeling to it, well, who wouldn't like to see this eerie world explored?"

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