The Curse You War, also known as the Freeverse War by some, was more or less a flame war that occurred on the Comedy Forum in Spring of 2011. The "war" was fought between the Traditionalists, aka those who prefer the typical comedy style, such as prose or script, and the Anti-Traditionalists, who preferred freeverse comedy, most of whom belonged to the comic forum. The war ended up dying down after about a month, and little was heard of it thereafter.


The history behind the war goes back a long ways. About five months before the actual war began, a now banned member came on to the comedy forum and posted a comedy named "Curse You Greg." The comedy was similar to The Burth of Anna, in that it had no logical order and the real "funni-ness" of the comedy was wrapped up in how random it was. The comedy was received incredibly negatively by the comedy forum (although, ironically, all of this negativity got the comedy the #1 spot on the Hot Topics List), and it was eventually closed because of all the ensuing flame war between those who disliked it and the few that did.

The War BeginsEdit

Much later, some members of the comic forum came to the comedy forum and reposted similar comedies, calling them "Curse You ____." All of these freeverse comedies annoyed what would be come to be known as the Traditionalists, who went to these new Anti-Traditionalist comedies and began to flame them.

Most of these attempts were stopped short by the staff, particularly Hahli Husky and ToM Dracone. The Comedy Critics Club stayed out of this fray for the most part, save for Toa Zehvor MT, who took a much more subtle(more or less) approach than most of the Traditionalists with Curse You Pridak, and iBrow, who was one of the fiercest fighters of the Traditionlist, and one of the members that got proto-zapped. iBrow also wrote Curse You Tahu (a Tahu vs. Tahu oneshot) and a PSA regarding Spam to fight the Anti-Traditionalists; neither was taken down, as the PSA didn't specifically mention the Curse You comedies and Curse You Tahu was poking fun at the whole thing. Other Traditionalists continued to argue against the existence of these comedies until the fad died away and the war ended.

Ironically enough, BZP's servers went offline as soon as the war ended.

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