Curse You Pridak was a one-shot comedy written by Toa Zehvor MT in 2011 at the height of the Curse You War. It was one of MT's more controversial comedies, as it sparked a huge argument and was closed less than 24 hours after it's creation. However, it did manage a day on the Hot Topics List, and it remains one of MT's more remembered one-shots.


The plot begins like most of MT's one-shots. Two characters from Aftermath(this time Pridak and Tahu Nuva) introduce themselves, and explain where they are from. Pridak decides to write a "Curse You" comedy, in order to show his true talent. He writes one about how he himself gets stuck on the moon and then tries to run to Earth unsuccessfully. Along the way, he makes fun of "Curse You" comedies repeatedly, the most notorious of which being his final line in the comedy, where he refers to the comic makers on the comedy forum as "nubs."

Reason & ResponseEdit

The reason for Curse You Pridak goes back a ways. It was written as a response to the abundance of Curse You Comedies recently posted on BZP at the time. The comedy itself was found as humorous to the Traditionalists, while most of the Anti-Traditionalists thought it was offensive, and, as such, sparked a huge argument between the Traditionalists and Anti-Traditionalists. MT came back the next morning to find this flame war, which by then had been closed by both ToM Dracone and Hahli Husky.

Later, Kahinuva, a famous comic maker, accused MT of hating Curse You comedies. A huge argument ensued, with MT simply telling Kahi to "suck it up" and move on with life.

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