Curse You Greg is a closed comedy on BZP, written by a now banned member. The comedy was the first of the Freeverse attempts on BZP, and the author is considered the founder of Anti-Traditionalism.


The plot of the story is Greg Farshety, creator of the Bionicle series, basically attempting to get Bionicle back in place of Hero Factory. The story really never ends, as an odd plot twist always keeps Greg from either losing completely or winning.


The reception of Curse You Greg was controversial, at best. It was viewed by most comedy forum frequents as stupid and unfunny. However, others found the comedy to be hilariously random, and so a flame war ensued between those who did and didn't like it. Ultimately, Hahli Husky came in, closed the comedy, and proto zapped numerous amounts of people for their actions.


Due to all the negative feedback, Curse You Greg became the third known comedy to reach number 1 on the Hot Topics List.

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