Crazy Siddy is a monkier taken on by Sidorak used to sell video games at Crazy Siddy's Discount Warehouse and Import Emporium as what he calls "low, low prices!" He was originally created by ShadowBionics for a series of comedy sketches and briefly had his own comedy.


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As Sidorak, he was very ignorant and cowardly. As Crazy Siddy, he has become not only more unintelligent, but dellusional and almost fearless. At the same time, he is dangerous to be around and his methods are are unusual and sometimes result in harm or death of others. His behavior is questionable and it is revealed he was once on medication. It was also once revealed he walked out of an asylum at one point and obviously never went back. Crazy Siddy can also be somewhat immature, as when Mutran tried to return a game, he attacked him.


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