The CPaDA, formerly known as the Comedic Federation, is a large Comedies-based group formed by many of the writers within the forum with the goal of improving the quality of the forum overall, hosting contests and expos, and bouncing ideas for new comedies off each other.


The CPaDA originally began as an idea by MT Zehvor, who noticed the recent drop in popularity in the comedy forum and wanted to do something about it. To that end, he contacted 3 other famous comedy writers, iBrow, ManiacToaLaco, and Lewa0111, and discussed the idea of making a discussion topic that would promote the comedy forum in various ways. All three agreed to this idea, and thus the Comedic Federation was born, a name that everyone despised because MT makes terrible names *sob*. 

The review team of the CF split up shortly after its beginnings due to reviews getting lost in the actual discussion of the topic. iBrow created a new topic for it and reviews the occasional comedy with Hubert now.

Soon after that the name was changed from Comedic Federation to "The Comedy Planning and Discussion" Topic. MT decided to call the actual group involved an Association because he needs to feel important. *sob*


The CPaDA is probably best known for its bi-annual expos, where comedy writers get the chance to debut what they've been working on. These expos usually run for roughly a week, and each member is assigned a day to show off whatever they want. This can range from announcing a new comedy, to a simple update on what will happen in an already existing comedy, to anything related to a comedy at all. These expos have been largely successful, and are an anticipated event in the comedy forum.


As of now, ToaManiacLoco and Lewa0111 have completely left the topic, while iBrow spends most of his time running the new CCC, leaving MT in a full leadership role of the CDaPT. Hubert, Jalina T.T, and he can be found discussing something or another about the forum usually. 

Other ActionsEdit

The CPaDA also helps in various other ways, usually by giving out reviews to people who just want someone to read their comedy and not an official review from the CCC. They also discuss ideas for new contests, one of which is planned to be hosted this September, and have incredibly pessimistic talks about the future of the comedy forum.


Coming Soon.

The Comedic Federation
Leaders: MT

= iBrow = ManiacToaLaco = Lewa0111

Members: Purplebouncy = Count Bleck = JL1223 X
Review Team: iBrow (Head) = Hubert = tent163phantoka = fishers64
Official Comedies of the Federation: How to Be a Villain
Former Members: None
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