The comedy forum is the forum on BZP where all Bionicle written comedies are placed. It is one of the smaller forums on the site, and on a usual day has a small amount of activity ranging from anywhere between 10-20 posts. It also has one of the worse reputations of the forums, being viewed somewhere along the lines of Artwork III in terms of what is regarded as "noobishness."


The comedy forum has a vast history of writings that is fondly remembered by most of those who have been around long enough to remember them. The comedies were found few and far between, and there were very few "unfunny" comedies in comparison to the current state of affairs. Most popular included Ask Tahu, My Life with the Bionicles, and nearly every Lewa0111 comedy.

However, due to what was known as the Great Noob Raid of 2007, when, for seemingly no reason, hundreds(literally) of new comedy writers flooded the forum over the summer. Most of the funny comedies, while they stood out, began to be ignored by the rest of BZP as the comedy forum's image changed to that of a spam board with no real good writers.

Today, the comedy forum has been revitalized, though its image seems to have been destroyed permenantly. In addition to hosting it's own awards show, the comedy forum has its own wiki, multiple writing teams, and an official review group of its own, as well as multiple member hosted events throughout the year.

Current HierarchyEdit

Unlike the comics forum, there is very little sense of a hierarchy and importance in the comedy forum in terms of authors. The most popular writer on the forum is SPIRIT. After that, it gets a bit murky.

Toa Zehvor MT could make a very strong case for the number 2 spot, having won the People's Choice Award for comedy of the year(Aftermath), and having the two longest comedies in BZP history as well as holding the record for most hot topic appearances in a 20 day span.

Ibrow would be a strong candidate for the second position as well, with numerous hot topics of his own and multiple famous comedies, including Vultraz's Diner and Tahu vs. Tahu.

Other famous writers would include PurpleBouncy.

The main event in the comedies forum each year is the CCC Awards, which recognize the best comedies currently ongoing in that year.


Due to the Great Noob Raid of 2007, the forum has been viewed negatively for quite some time, and is pictured in most people's minds as a good for nothing place where bad Ask Comedies run rampant.

A group of comedy writers headed by PurpleBouncy and MT are currently working on ways to restore the comedy forum's image, beginning with the Great Comedy Crossover this summer.

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