Comedy Character's Reunion(CCR) is a yet-to-be-made BZP comedy being created by Toa Zehvor MT. It was announced on June 5, 2011, and was originally scheduled for release in July, but was delayed by MT due to the arrival of Aftermath 2 and the fact that BZP's forums remained offline.


The main plot behind the comedy is somewhat obvious after reading the comedy title. Some of the most famous comedy characters in BZP come to a reunion years later, only to find that they don't like each other so much. The location of the comedy is unknown, although MT has more or less hinted at it taking place in the "hotel" from the TBTTRAH Series.

Confirmed Characters(And the Comedy They Originate From)Edit

Asterisks indicating awaiting comedy writer approval

  • Takanuva and Kopaka(The Nuva Inn)*
  • Vultraz(Vultraz's Diner Series)*
  • Makutatron(Transonicle)*
  • Tahu(Ask Tahu)*
  • Mata Nui(The Greatest TLR Spoof)*
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