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The BZPower Comedies Critics Club is a group of BZPower Members who have come together to critique other members' comedies (upon request) and let them know what was good and what could be made better.

Founding Fathers[]

The CCC was started by the Forum Mentor, Toa_Velox, on April 24, 2009, with the intentions of making the Comedies forum a more high-quality place, free from spam, flaming, poor grammar and spelling, and overused jokes. Some of the other starting members included MX and Shadow Kurahk. The list of CCC reviewers has grown and shrunk as new critics come in and old ones lose steam and resign. The CCC had reviewed 105 comedies since beginning in 2009 when the forums went down in April of 2011.

The CCC was under the new Management of Snoopy82 and Jalina T.T when the forums went offline with a new topic, new Critics, and more changes. The new CCC was highly successful in improving the Comedies forum, for by the time 2011 had rolled around there were far fewer "noob" comedies floating around.

Current CCC Critics[]

Curator: Toa_Velox

Co-Curators: Snoopy82 and Jalina T.T.


  • Doctor Bob

Currently as the CCC doesn't have a new topic in the new forums, there are no actual staff. Since the forums came offline, only ibrow, Toa Zehvor MT, and Lewa0111 have been active, with Jordboy1 and Jalina T.T. appearing rarely and Snoppy82 and Toa Velox seemingly gone from Comedies.

Comedies Reviewed[]

List of Comedies Reviewed

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