Comedies are humourous text-based stories. They can be found in the Comedy Forum of the Library forum division.

On BZPEdit

Comedies on BZP have two main styles: Prose and Script. Prose, refers to a style of comedy most similar to a novel, where the actions and lines are written out in book-style, read-able format. Prose, while harder to write, makes it easier to show character's expressions and emotions. Most of the famous comedies on the forum are written in prose, including most of SPIRIT's comedies and the Vultraz's Diner series.

Script, on the other hand, is written like a movie script would be, with a character's name followed by a colon and then their line of text.

Example: "Tahu: I love pie"

Script is far easier to write and requires much less eloquency, but it is harder to express opinions with script, thus making it harder to take away any humor that comes from showing a character's distasteful expression. In addition, it's much harder to make Slapstick humor, which puts script comedies at a serious disadvantage. Nevertheless, many of them still exist, and some of them have become incredibly famous, including Aftermath and The Nuva Inn.

In Real LifeEdit

In the world around, comedies exist in all shapes and forms. Comedies can be found in movies, or in comic strips, or in books. Comedies, however, are typically far less popular than dramas, which usually involve fighting. And as we all know, Americans love fighting.

From the BZP Mods...Edit

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