The Coffee Mines are an underground "mine" of sorts that exists underneath the house in the TBTTRAH Series. The Coffee Mines have been the subject of battles, hideouts, and explosions multiple times throughout the series, and currently lie in a state of disrepair.


The Coffee Mines were created to mine the coffee out of the ground after MT spilled a large amount of it into the floor(back then, the Bionicles had mistaken Xenon for Coffee, and so named the mines misaccordingly). The Barraki created the mines and used the Piraka's zamor spheres to force others to work the mining machines. As the Barraki obtained more and more Xenon, they fell more and more under it's influence, until Tahu, MT and MisterMatoro infiltrated the mines. There, they found Omega Turtle, infused with Xenon and locked in a stasis tube. The three eventually freed Omega Turtle, left Takadox locked in a room with the oversized reptile, and then blew the place to kingdom come with a self destruct sequence.

The Coffee Mines were taken over next by 4 Mask, who repaired them and fell under Xenon's influence at that point. He used Xenon to begin taking over members of the house, but was also stopped by a team of Toa Zehvor, and was thought to be killed in another self-destruct explosion(though it turned out he re-appeared later).

The ruins of the Coffee Miens survived the destruction of the house on May 14, 2009(known to the Bionicles as H-Day). When the house was rebuilt by The Golden Toa, the Bionicles began to see the use of the Coffee Mines as a potential bunker for surviving a potential storm or another attack on the house. They sent several people into the mines as an attempt to clear some of the wreckage, but contact was lost with the explorers. Suspecting the worst, Tahu sent two Zehvor, MT and Levacius, into the mines. The two were ambushed by TM and left unconscious, infused with Xenon. MT and Lev found their ways out eventually, and the Tahus decided wisely to move on from to other safety options.

It was Pridak who finally managed to clear out the ruins of the Coffee Mines, using a prototype "Xenon Sphere" to incinerate everything in his way. He turned the Coffee Mines into a storage of sorts for weird creatures that he found there, including a 4 Mask clone(which was eventually killed by Kpik). Pridak was later bribed by the real 4 Mask to give him DNA samples from the Coffee Mine walls, which allowed him to clone old house residents, such as TM, Vecolity, and even Omega Turtle. The place where the DNA samples were being collected(known as Stage 23 was eventually destroyed by a team of Zehvor.

Today, the Coffee Mines(or, at least, the part that wasn't affected by the explosion) still function as a creature holding and testing lab run by the Barraki.

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