The Channel 5 News was a short comedy written by ShadowBionics sometime in 2007. It was based off a segment from Ask Roodaka and lasted only one episode as a full comedy in its own right.


It started out as a seemingly normal News broadcast, with news anchors and such. It then went on to field correpsondant Brent Carazakki, where things start to go out of hand when he talks to Makuta Teridax and Kojol, and later on Toa Tahu about the evil deeds of Teridax. Later on, the comedy goes back to the news anchors, then to the weather, and then the show ends.


As the comedy only lasted one post, it isn't too particularly memorable by most fans of ShadowBionics, other than how he randomly threw in Paris Hilton as a joke. It was mainly a spin-off of a segment of Ask Roodaka that dealt with the evil possessed news man Brent Carazakki. However, it also showed how much Kojol defied Teridax (apparently even in death, as he would stil lbe dead after the events of The Mask) as well as develop the Tahu character a little more as a dimwit interested in himself.


  • All the names of the news people on the show are spoofs of actual Bionicle words. Brent Carazakki's name is based off the word "Barraki."
  • Started as a small short segment on Ask Roodaka. However, Brent Carazakki is the only returning character.
  • ShadowBionics only threw in Paris Hilton as a joke, as he thinks of her as a comedy pinata.
  • By the time the events of this comedy takes place, Kojol is already dead as told in The Mask. So how is he still alive to defy Teridax if he is supposed to be a ghost character? However, he is later revived in A Day in the life of Teridax?
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