Steve Garvey was my father's rival.It is a very hilarious story.He thinks he looks like my Dad's people as he proclaimed to Yaz Habib Khan National League.Steve was representing the Pacific tribally in California.He does not show that he is mentally ill.He imitates to be annoying women hands through his hair and it works on his peers National League and into the American which he is not part of.He now a days calls himself Paul of Church.He takes it wrong in playing games on people as a saying.He found out about criminal and profile black and white close up face and used this as a power on the field and many pitchers reported he was hitting on beginning the word hot streak.He found out about Habib Yazstremski and wants to retire as a Yankee.He even mentally ill took over ABC and procrastinated time of his own and my Mom of Nazi Germany Naseem was looking at him bizarre and thought he is putting them through terror.He wants to be a pet in the animal deep voice and for small insects.And worker for Macarthur Properties excellent from CANR is his brother I think but is normal and his name is Rick and is his twin brother but responsible and normal.Steve is in my family stories and was doing a game to my uncle as he trailed him MLB Uncle Zaheed.We all think "Steve".And my Dad met Rick in Burlington Plaza up stairs and my Dad was silent and was thylacine scanning him.Dad had a flass back,Steve.He really should be a Marvel Comics bad guy with his sinister mind.Garvey is one of only two players to have started an All-Star Game as a write-in vote, doing so in 1974. That year he won the NL MVP award, and had the first of six 200-hit seasons. Only 15 players in all of Major League Baseball history have had six or more 200 hit seasons (as of the end of 2010).He even was on "Chips" but crazy thinking and to panic people re=examine episode.They have a distrust of baseball villain.He then wanted to meet that gang in Terminator 1 punks to react to them and was from a mental institue in California deliberately as his home to fool people.Its all not for reasons as a normal person and they are sinister hilarious.Not much is known of the background of the man many call the Cobra Commander. What we can only tell is how he works and how he thinks. We know that he has deliberately started political and social conflict in a number of areas. He has amassed an army by recruiting displaced people, promising them money, power and a chance to get back at the world that hurt them. In return, he demands that they swear absolute loyalty to his cause. What is his cause? World domination.

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