Bornicle is a BZP comedy written by Bionicle Guru. It is one of the oldest active comedies in the forum, having begun on June 2, 2004, going on a major hiatus on October 2, 2007, and returning recently. It amassed over 1,000 posts in it's lifetime, and was one of the most popular comedies on BZP during it's "glory days." It currently sits inside the top 5 of longest comedies of all time.


The story itself a spoof of the Bionicle comics and other official material. Most of the character names, such as Takua(Tooka) or Toa(Toga) have been changed, along with some of the characters personalities. Some of the environments have been changed as well(Ko-Wahi going from a realm of snow to slushie), and the masks have gone some slight modifications(mask of levitation to parachuting). It generally sticks to the main Bionicle storyline without much deviation, while still cracking a few(or lots of) jokes here and there.

The comedy itself ended in the middle of the 2006 year, on the "island of boom," with the Piraka pretending to be Toga. There have been no indications that there is, or will be, a sequel.

In the middle of 2010, Bionicle Guru began to write a short prequel series to Bornicle that told of the creation of the Toga, their early lives, and their training with their master Hytaxon.

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