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Ibrow Ibrow 2 March 2012

And number 1 again.


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Ibrow Ibrow 2 March 2012



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Shadrahk Shadrahk 31 December 2011

Karzahni's Edge

I made a blog post. woo

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Ibrow Ibrow 27 November 2011


His page has been updated, and is no longer in danger of being deleted- he has recently appeared in Chapter 4 of Tahu vs. Tahu: Aftermath. You guys'll learn more about him in the future.

You could also look in Day Run: The Garden to find out more about him before he made his coemdy appearances.

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ManiacToaLaco ManiacToaLaco 24 November 2011


Just the code for the Metrutronian language. Consider this the finalized version. More for me than anything else really.


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Biostarindypotterman Biostarindypotterman 13 November 2011



Yes, yes it is. Great upgrades, eh?


I really need a chill pill, don't I? Yes, yes I do.

BUT COME ON!!! (takes a chill pill)

Now what just happened here?


Biostarindypotterman 23:21, November 13, 2011 (UTC) ~TTG~

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ManiacToaLaco ManiacToaLaco 12 November 2011

Number one

Walhax? I wasn't expecting that.. You got alot of edits to do ibrow! :)

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Ibrow Ibrow 11 November 2011


I'm ranked #1 again.

That was some serious editing.

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Ibrow Ibrow 11 November 2011


I can't get on BZPower. Database communication problems. :(

-ibrow 20:39, November 11, 2011 (UTC)

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ManiacToaLaco ManiacToaLaco 11 November 2011

Guilt and such

A feel a bit guilty. It says I'm #1 on this wiki, and i truly have not done much. Oy vey.

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ManiacToaLaco ManiacToaLaco 10 November 2011

Updates and stuff that you won't read

Well, Transonicle 3 is well underway now. The page of it isn't, but that's because I'm lazy. Y'know, I've started alot of pages that I should actually finish.....

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ManiacToaLaco ManiacToaLaco 20 October 2011

Transonicle 3 info!

Well, as I must eventually get around to Transonicle 3, here are some guest stars...

The good...

  • 3 Autotoabots
  • 4 Deceptikuta

Presenting the Guest star form of Hubert: Crimson Lord!

Name: Jodkra

Alt mode: SSC Ultimate Aero (really cool looking car)

Weapons: Large rocket launcher

Height: 8 metres (around 24 feet I think)

Appearence: Grey and silver

Other: One of the newest Autotoabots, Jodkra is targetmaster partners with the Agorion(sp?) Johnson. He's fast and hits hard, and knows when he's too far under his head. He and Johnson fearlessly follow Matanui Prime and his loyal Autotoabots to even the most desperate of battles.

And his Target master partner, Johnson, from Agori.

Name: Johnson

Alt mode: Jodkra's rocket launcher

Weapons: A small …

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Squishyfrog Squishyfrog 18 October 2011

My blog

Right here

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Biostarindypotterman Biostarindypotterman 10 October 2011



This is my 1st blog post, and I am proud to say that the BZP Forums Archive is up.

It might not look like much, but...whatever.

Biostarindypotterman 13:35, October 10, 2011 (UTC) ~TTM~

I AM TAHU: TOA OF GOLD. (as of last night)

The forums are up! (since yesterday) AT LAST!!! THEY ARE A BEAUT.

Oh yeah. I. AM. BACK.

Signing off,

~TTG~ (also as of last night)


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ManiacToaLaco ManiacToaLaco 7 October 2011

Transonicle 3: Title something about the moon

Well, it's been a while, what with BZP down and out for the forseeable future. This has preventing me from writing Transonicle 3. Which is ok, since I actually haven't gotten around to seeing Transformers 3 yet. I know, sad. Just didn't work out. But I'll buy the DVD, then it'll be ok. Until then, I haven't got much more to write.


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Ibrow Ibrow 3 October 2011

Chronicles, Project, Journey, Aftermath

In a nutshell, that's what I'm currently focusing on.

  • Tahu vs. Tahu: Aftermath (Prologue Parts 2 & 3)
  • Vultraz's Journey Returns (Refining chapters, fitting it into storyline)
  • Vultraz's Diner Anniversary Edition (Beginning the second chapter)
  • The Goob Chronicles (Making plans for a second chapter; refining script)
  • Project V (seeeeecret)
  • Maybe other stuff
  • I'm serious about that ALMIGHTY thing
  • Seriously
  • I'm dead serious
  • goodbye now.
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Jee Xian Yu Jee Xian Yu 9 September 2011


I have no idea why I like the word 'bleh' and 'blargus'. I just like the way they sound.

And I am completely obssessed with playing too many video games.

I don't know what else to write.

If this looks offensive, remember that I have nothing to talk about. As usual. Therefore, rubbish.

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Ibrow Ibrow 7 September 2011

So I Lied

Like the cake. I wasn't really back. Whatever.

Working on my comedies (a little bit, no actual chapters being written) right now; the plans for Tahu vs. Tahu: Aftermath (a.k.a. Season 3) are done (with the prologue completed), and plans are also complete for Vultraz's Journey Returns (3 hapters written, though I'm going to be making minor changes to them). Plans for Vultraz's Diner Anniversary Edition are also done, as is the first chapter.

And I'm also beginning work on... Project V.

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Ibrow Ibrow 5 June 2011



'Nuff said. The world is no longer over.

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Jim Carrey Jim Carrey 19 March 2011

Chronicle Studios

  • 1 Chronicle Studios Job Openings
  • 2 Jobs Filled
    • 2.1 Heads
    • 2.2 Voice and Casting
    • 2.3 Concepts
    • 2.4 Modeling and Animation:
    • 2.5 Sound and Video Editing
  • 3 Open Possitions
    • 3.1 Heads
    • 3.2 Voicing and Cast
    • 3.3 Concepts
    • 3.4 Modeling and Animation
    • 3.5 Sound and Video Editing
    • 3.6 Music and Score

Hello one and all, and welcome to my new base of opperations here on the BZPower Comedy Wiki. Here, I shall be helping out around the forums under my new secret identity Jim Carrey (hope you enjoy my movies :P), when on BZPower I am known as The BIONICLE Hero. This post is for my studio project, Chronicle Studios, of which I shall be making three two hour length films, each movie being broken down into four thirty minute episodes, they are:

  • The Adventures of Johnny Lego
  • The Adventures of J…

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Jim Carrey Jim Carrey 19 March 2011

Welcoming Myself.

Hello everyone, this is my first blog post. I actually do not do this very often, in fact, only the second time I've done this in my life actually.

On BZPower I am a member known as the BIONICLE Hero. Here is where I will be keeping all my projects updated on. From comedies to my film project The Adventures of Johnny Lego.

So if you fallow any of those mentioned on BZPower, then please, keep checking back on this blog.


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Jalina T.T. Jalina T.T. 27 February 2011

CCC Awards

I, in all of my stupidity, did not think of doing this until just now.

To my Critics: Since the forums are offline right now, we can use here to continue our work with the CCC awards. I have most of the awards in, so we're close. iBrow, Is there any way you can re-send yours to me? I also have a couple that everyone needs to judge, either because the judge had an entry in that category, or there was contreversy, or because I miss-assigned, forgot to assign, or assigned it to more than one person. So once I get all of the choices in, we'll take a closer look. (I've saved the complete list of nominations if anyone needs a second look. Google cache is your friend!)

We may also want to start talking about the awards ceremony, and how we can impr…

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PurpleBouncy PurpleBouncy 10 November 2010

News on It's a Mad House!

It's a Mad House!, my moderately successful comedy with reviews from 6 different BZPers, only compliments, including TNTOS, my #1 fan, has 11 Chapters and I am writing my 12th currently. Chapter 11 was Part 1 of the first two parter *cough* look to Christmas for a three parter *cough* , guest starring TNTOS! However, normally the guest star wasn't sent to kill the hero, which adds an actiony touch and something not often seen.

Here's my upcoming chapter schedule:

Chapter 12- 2nd part of TNTOS, Introducing Tahu!

Chapter 13- Tahu gets a new car, we find out just how stupid he is.

Chapter 14- Introducing Warrior, the third main bad guy!

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ShadowBionics ShadowBionics 1 July 2010

Hey, y'all, watch this

Hey, everybody, ShadowBionics back with something that ISN'T the Shadows Soapbox.

Okay, since I now realize I shouldn't probably be cluttering up the wiki with all my stuff, I've created my own wiki, following in the same sort of light as Lewa0111... although I didn't make mine as a birthday present to anyone. No one ever comes to my birthday parties anyway. :'(

So anyway, I guess once those articles made by me are deleted, it won't be as cluttered. However, before anyone deletes them, allow me some time so I can transcribe whatever text is on them for whatever articles I make on my wiki. I didn't know what to call it, so it is the in case anyone would want to see it and how pitiful it looks. Really. I don't even know how …

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ManiacToaLaco ManiacToaLaco 29 June 2010

Transonicle 3

Well, just a few heads ups for Transonicle 3.. I'm planning on all current (and alive) characters returning, as well as introducing new ones, (I would like to put a version of Transformers Animated Blitzwing in..). The beging will have the Deceptikuta leaving the Matoran planet, and then going to whatever plot Mr.Bay sets up. I might accept Guest stars, but they would have to be Deceptikuta, and they would die. Actually, I can accept Autotoabot Guest stars, but they would have to die also.

And Nihiscream has his own little plot set up, his own people to use agasint the Autotoabots. And, if the plot allows, I'll head it into a huge space battle I got planned.

Shall be epic.


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Nuparu890 Nuparu890 28 June 2010

Today is the

Last day of school WOOT It is a halfday which means its only 3 hrs long. I'm gonna bring my Gelu revamp and my lego necklace B) One kid is amazed by my artwork and wants to see my creations so it's nice getting support/feedback.

--Toa Daiker 12:02, June 28, 2010 (UTC)

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HubertZhu18 HubertZhu18 28 June 2010

Comedy Page 1

I have decided to post my comedies on this blog, or blawgg, as Mesonak puts it, as I just read his. I will put in my blog the first 19 chapters of my first comedy.

A HelloUniverse Coporations Production...

BIONICLE: Sheer Awesomeness!!!

Prolouge: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.... REWIND THE STORY!!! NOW!!! THIS IS NOT STAR WARS!!! ALL UNITS FIRE AT WILL!!!! (Officer Will gets shot by bullets.) Ahem...

500,000 years ago... "All units fire at will!" shouted the commanding officer, which if people remember him from the last sentence, Will. The soldiers shot at their commander, as that was their orders. They were halted by an attacking frostelus, which seemingly appeared from nowhere, and started shooting it instead.. "Hey!" it shoute…

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Nuparu890 Nuparu890 27 June 2010

Big Chill

I just got him B) He's pretty good for a Ben10 set. Love the new parts. Although I'm pretty bummed there are no connection points (for pins) on upper legs so I can't change it :S Body, wings, head, new limbs, new hands/feet will defanatly be used on future MOC's.

--Toa Daiker 15:43, June 27, 2010 (UTC)

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Mesonak Mesonak 27 June 2010

oh look

a blawg

wassup everyone


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