Bionicles + Me = Craziness, also known as B+M=C, is a comedy written by Kung fu rahkshi destroyer, who in turn is also known as KFRD.


Lewa Mata and the rest of the Bionicle sets ever made wake up in a Wal-mart storehouse, and catch a ride to KFRD's house in his family's van. When KFRD discovers the sets, he captures and ships most of them back off to the warehouse, but Lewa and the other Mata evade capture for a while, and even when they do get shipped off, they return because they self-addressed the box. KFRD decides to let them stay, but shortly after, a guy with a bazooka wearing an inner tube and a boot on his head comes 'for the Mata'. Lewa manages to blow the guy out with a explosion of sawdust, but KFRD gets knocked unconcious, and a couple chapters follow KFRD's dream sequence. He wakes up in bed, thinking it was all a dream, but gets a reality check in the morning when he has a mean babysitter. The Mata help him get the babysitter in big trouble with the parents, and everything returns to normal for about 24 hours, then the Makuta attack, led by Teridax. After the Makuta get cut into pieces with a power cutter, they become recurring villains. In the second season, the Toa search for the Nuva Stones and try to get them before Teridax does, otherwise he will become unstoppable. Each Nuva Stone has guardians (which are all absorbed by Teridax when he arrives), and affects the enviroment around them. Teridax eventually steals all of the Nuva Stones and becomes ultra powerful, which prompts the crazy team to find Mata Nui in the third season, so he can stop Teridax. In the fourth season, the team has found Mata Nui, and they battle for the fate of the world against the Makuta, eventually detroying the Nuva stones, reducing Teridax's power, and then defeat him when the Toa combine into the Toa Nui. The energy and beings Teridax absorbed are brought out of him, resulting in his return to normal form. The fifth through final (tenth) seasons are not currently planned for, but will reveal everything about what has happened.



All of the Toa Mata

All of the Makuta(Mainly Teridax)

One of every other Bionicle set ever made(Extremely Minor)

KFRD's family (Extremely minor;will start to include his sister more often, though)


The comedy isn't too popular, but has gotten only good remarks, and remains the author's personal favorite. One major supporter of the comedy is iBrow, who gave it one of the highest scores he's ever given during a review for the Comedy Critic's Club.

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