Bionicle News #2

Bionicle news #2 is a redux of one of Frezon's previous comedies, Bionicle news at 7. it features the same character suite of Solek, Carapar, SL, AN, PR, CM, Ehlek, Weapon, Kirop, and Frezon. It currently has four chapters and is in script format.

Main CharactersEdit

Solek: The rude Av-matoran of light. He spends his time insulting others, killing Kirop, and thwarting SL's plans to drain his light.

Carapar: The barraki with all three legendary masks and power to do what ever he wants. Luckily for the comedy, he's not very bright, and spends most of his time punching people who touch him.

SL: The completely nuts shadow leech, SL is the main villian of the story. He consistantly attempts to either murder or drain Solek of his light, and also wishes to wreak complete havoc upon the comedy. He is nearly indestructable and can survive when most others of his species would be killed.

AN: The announcer for the news show, and the guy who has to make sure everything keeps at least a semblance of normality. He dislikes SL due to their opposite desires and hates randomness in general.

PR: The producer, he has a similar role as AN, though has more power and less cares about the show. He alone can fire people from the show.

CM: The cameraman, he enjoys scenes of violence and is constantly reprimanded by AN and PR for his encouragement of the randomness that occurs. Disliked by carapar, and is constantly lasered by him.

Ehlek: The host of the news show, he spends his time being interrupted from his job by the daily randomness. He is very nonchalant about the violence in the studio.

Weapon: The powerful alter ego of Artakha, Weapon is Carapar's best friend and fellow assistant of delivering beatings upon the populace, normally Kirop.

Kirop: He dies a lot. Not much else to say here. People like to kill him, but he keeps reviving.

Frezon: The author of the comedy, whose sense of self is so exaggerated that he made himself a character. recently killed by SL.

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