BIONICLE COFFEE SHOP was a comedy on BZPower that ran from August 9, 2002 to October 14, 2003. It had two topics, with the first one now impossible to find on BZPower, and the second accessible through the link above. BCS, as it was known, came to be a hot topic for weeks at a time on BZP, garnering thousands of posts and ten thousands of views. It was one of the most popular comedies in BZP history.


The creator was Elzaban, with main writers Radial (now known as Rahu), Toa of Muffins (now known as ToM Dracone), Sephiroth Master of Darkness, Ciscas V, Hulud Nuva, and Zophory (comics too). Minor and original-topic writers included Chronicler of Ko-Koro, Krago Albrithe, Kamion, -X-, Meteuro


A Coffee Shop run by Bionicle characters, with Kopaka as manager, Takua (this was 2003, after all) as the main employee, Pahrak-Kal as a captive in Kopaka's office, and last but not least a series of matoran named Joe who doubled as pseudo-employees and coffee ingredients. Most episodes involved another Bionicle character or one of the story's writers coming into the coffee shop and ordering a "Cuppa Joe," prompting Joe to run away screaming, and be killed (a different way every time). The visitor and Takua would interact, often with some interjection from Kopaka and Pahrak-Kal. Another Joe would enter the shop, soon to die.


Takua- main employee

Kopaka- manager

Pahrak-Kal- captive

Joe (MANY)- employee/coffee ingredient

Starbucks Executives- antagonists

Various Kraata- sayers of 'meep'

The Writers- source of self-referential and meta humor

Various Toa, Matoran, Turaga, etc.

Bob- original manager of BCS, antagonist. Always trying to steal Joe.


After a little spam and some unofficial chapters, Nova Nuhvok closed the BCS in October 2003, shuttering one of the most successful comedies of all BZP time.