Bionicle: Stars! is a comedy on BZP written by Commander Phantom. It, true to it's name, revolves around the Stars and their daily life. It also includes some of the other Bionicles, including Mata Nui, Tuma, and Click, who often add some problem to the plot in order to further the Stars frustration. The comedy is known for making quite a number of references to TV shows, including Phineas and Ferb and Family Guy. The comedy is a lesser known one, beginning in November of 2009 and racking up only 2 pages since.


  • Tahu: Leader, annoyed by the fact that he was de-evolved into Mata form.
  • Takanuva: Feels superior because he wasn't de-evolved. Annoys Tahu.
  • Gresh: The relatively immature youngest member of the group.
  • Rahkshi: Is only able to talk in leet, and the dumbest member of the group.
  • Skrall: Bandwagon member, follows whoever seems most likely to win.
  • Nektann: The leader of the "evil" Stars, often acts very mean."

CCC ReviewEdit

"I must admit, you have a very nice comedy. I like how you reference "Ask Tuma!" and the mind-switching was quite an original idea. You use a lot of original Ideas in your comedy, and I admire that.

Your spelling and grammar are very good, and you keep the plot moving along at a decent pace. you have detail, although a tiny bit more would be nice. Also, be careful how you use your emoticons. use them rarely. and wisely.

Overall, you have a very good comedy. In fact, the only way I can see you improving is if you keep writing. the best teacher is experience. "


The comedy has been on hiatus since February of 2010. Most of the fan base has been pleading for a new chapter, but nothing has arrived. It is known, however, that Phantom has not dropped the idea completely, due to his CCC request in the Spring.

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