The comedy takes place after The New Vultraz's Diner, and during its sequel, The Hilarious Misadventures of Vultraz. It is a sidestory to the second comedy, like The Bionicle Show and Ask Vezon before it. It stars Bitil, Mutran, Jaller, and Vezon as they attempt to run the diner, while dealing with a brand new threat: the barraki. Each of the barraki fails at being a villain, while the heroes suck at being heroes... what will happen because of that?

Every chapter takes place during the respective two chapters of The Hilarious Misadventures of Vultraz: EX: Chapter 1 takes place during chapters 1&2 of THMOV.

The comedy is planned to have ten chapters, to end alongside THMOV.


Currently, Ibrow is writing chapter three, in which Bitil and the others will clash with the barraki for real, with another minor menace appearing: Kopeke and Icarax. With Ehlek eaten by Miserix, and Kalmah going off on his own, the remaining four barraki may just have the two recruits they need.


Bitil - Head of the diner crew

Jaller - a ta-matoran who is slowly going insane from the lack of a real boss

Vezon - an insane skakdi who is beginning to have bouts of sanity

Mutran - a pile of goo that speaks on occasion

Pridak - leader of the barraki

Kalmah - a former member of the barraki who quit to run Medieval Times alongside Lewa

Takadox - a bully who reluctantly follows Pridak

Carapar - a brute who serves as Takadox's servant

Mantax - the fourth member of the barraki who is completely loyal to Pridak

Kopeke - a ko-matoran who betrayed Vultraz and has joined the barraki

Icarax - a makuta who has joined the barraki, but regrets doing that and betraying Vultraz, being forced to watch the comedy slowly crumble apart with no narrator to control it

Miserix - a makuta who is on a quest to try and find a way to drag Ibrow, Vultraz, Globin, and Mazeka back

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