Bioformers is A series created by Fluffy Skirmix, parody of Transformers, and Transformers 2

This series is based off of ManiacToaLaco's Transonicle series. Two fractions (Autoa and Makutacons) fight for thier life source, the Allsuva. A nerdy Matoran, Solekam goes to his school full of jocks, hotties, and gorrilas that need to shave twice A day. His dad buys him A car, which turns out to be A wierd robot.


Bioformers Chapter 1: The epic begining

Bioformers Chapter 2: ENTER: ROBOTS


Solek-Sam Witwicky

Macku- Mikeala

Lewa- Captain Lennox

Ehlek- Major Epps

Botar- Blackout

Spariah- Scorponok

Raanu- Ron Witwicky

Jomahk- Judy Witwicky

Antroz- Archible Witwicky

(Future) Surel- Starscream (Surelscream)

Bomanga- Barricade (Bomangacade)

Nidhiki- Frenzy (Frenhiki)


This series is inspired by Maniactoalaco

Link: Bioformers

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