BZPower, abbreviated BZP, is one of the largest Bionicle based forums on the internet. It opened in 2001, and has been running smoothly since, with a few small bumps in the road.

About BZP used to be two forums that eventually merged into one. It consists of many individual forums, including the comedy one that this wiki is about. The comedy forum is the 27th forum of BZP, and is in the library, sandwiched in-between epics and short stories.

The front page of the website includes consistent news updates about nearly anything Bionicle as well as reviews of Lego sets, usually Hero Factory. There is also an extensive database of every Bionicle set ever released, with reviews, links to Lego pages, and even full depth looks at the sets themselves for the more recent ones.


BZP is run by Dimensioneer, a member who started the forums way back when. However, he is very rarely if ever on, and the forums have thus gone into the control of Black Six.


The rules are centered around being appropriate for young children, and thus the rules are fairly strict concerning censorship and the likes. Some of the rules are notorious and have gained ridicule, including the "is it fair and just?" rule, but overall the rules are respected and obeyed by most members.

Bubble WrapEdit

Is sooooooooottthhhiiiiinnggg.

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