BIONICLE Interviews is a comedy written by Jalina T.T. Started on October 29, 2009, BIONICLE Interviews has met with sucess, and is still in progress.

A Brief SummaryEdit

BIONICLE interivews is, essentially, an interview of BIONICLE character. Each chapter Jalina T.T., or one of her guest interviewers, meets with a BIONICLE character to ask them questions. The questions vary with each interview, but they all follow a similar structure. They also all seem to end in calamity. So far, Jalina has interviewed Tahu, Hahli Mahri, Pohatu, Mutran, and Kurahk. Her guest interviewer, Commander Phantom, has interivewed Hydraxon and Turaga Vakama. This comedy is still in progress.

BIONICLE Interviews is formatted unlike any other comedy. In reality, it is based on the BZPower Member interviews, and follows their basic structure.

A running joke in the comedy is that no matter how hard Jalina tries, she just can't seem to get Takadox in for an Interview.

Characters interviewed:

  • Tahu
  • Hahli Mahri
  • Pohatu
  • Mutran
  • Kurahk
  • Hydraxon
  • Turaga Vakama

Top QuotesEdit

Well, Thanks for coming in, Mutran!, that’s the first time that I’ve gotten through an interview with out anything going....

  • BOOM*

You Okay? That ceiling falling on you must have hurt. Me and my big mouth...

Can you think of anyone who can dodge a 3-ton rock being thrown at them? Makuta couldn’t even do it! That’s kind of true... See?

OH SNAP. I’m going to by late for work! it’s time to wrap up this interview. thanks for coming by! (rushes off) Nice talking with you! ...can anyone help me up? this body cast is really stiff...

CCC ReviewEdit

This Comedy Critics Club was suprisingly brief. Except for a small thing about the resturaunt, the reviewer really liked the comedy.

Want to read it?Edit

You'll have to dig a little. Check Jalina's profile page for a link! Link to come!

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