The Legend Reloaded is a fairly successful comedy by TNTOS, the comedy writer who formerly wrote My Bionicle Road Trip and its sequel, My Bionicle Sets Stories. TNTOS was a legendary comedy writer, but only that-he had moved on to epics. He did come back to the comedy forum, mostly reading It's a Mad House, by PurpleBouncy, but decided to spring back into action, possibly stemming from reading Mad House, but probably not because TNTOS is more of PurpleBouncy's inspiration (written by Purple, so don't no one be a hater).


Basically, on the planet of Bara Magna, Mata Nui is a crazy awesome guy with advanced awesome skills. He has a "girl" Kiina, whom he refers to as his "girl" way too often. He still has skills from when he was a war hero, and when "the Tuma" kidnaps his "girl" he is forced to round up his old war buddies, spring back into action, and use those skills again. His old war buddies include Ackar, Berix, and Gresh, who are all also awesome. Deflecting blasts with pure awesome and cheesy stunts, they journey towards the city of the Skrall to save Kiina, running into many adventures along the way, and breaking the fourth wall at least once. They even fight Tornadius, a powerful being who controls, you guessed it, tornadoes. He wasn't a parody of anything from Legend Reborn, just added because he is awesome.

Development and HistoryEdit

The summer of 2009 was the last time TNTOS had really dug into the comedy forum, but it wouldn't stay that way forever. After PurpleBouncy, who had just posted his new comedy, begged TNTOS to asked TNTOS to comment, TNTOS did so, and continued to. Then, for the national writing month in November, he wrote The Legend Reloaded, a parody of the Legend Reborn, and posted one chapter every Monday and Thursday. It's currently unknown how the downtime will affect this.

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