The Autotoabots are the heroic counterparts to the evil Deceptikuta in ManiacToaLaco's Transonicle series. They're led by Matanui Prime and appear in all three Transonicle stories, as well as in Transonicle Re-Mastered and Three Matoran, Three Deceptikuta, some crabs and a bucket

Before the warEdit

Not much is known about the Autotoabots before the Metrutronian war, other that than they did not exist until the war started, unlike the Deceptikuta which had been formed by Icarax millenia earlier. The Autotoabots were presumably formed by Matanui Prime to combat the Deceptikuta when Makutatron made his assault on the AllShiny. The Autotoabot miliatary was mostly small, untrained soldiers who had to learn quick to combat the Deceptikuta's legions of drones and actually warriors. The Autotoabots had few ships and few who could transmoc into flying things, but they made do, holding the Deceptikuta back until the Matanui Prime was forced to launch the AllShiny into space, after their last hope (Norik Prime) failed them. Throughout the war, Norik Prime was actually selling the Autotoabots out to the Deceptikuta, as he was serving his master, Icarax.


See also Transonicle Re-Mastered, although that page has no extra info. Do as you want

The Autotoabots who appeared in Transonicle were few, but brave. They were;

And the guest star Autotoabots;

All of these Autotoabots (except for Lezz) returned for Transonicle 2. Lezz didn't because Makutatron killed him.

Transonicle 2: Revenge of IcaraxEdit

The cast was mostly the same, but with the additions of;

  • Tahuswipe
  • Mataus
  • Onewaflap
  • Omega Kaita

And the guest star Autotoabots:

  • Crashinator
  • Gunmetal

Interestingly, both of these two Autotoabots were Deceptikuta deserters. All these Autotoabots except for Onewaflap and Gunmetal would return for Transonicle 3. Onewaflap and Gunmetal get killed.

Transonicle 3: The Ultimate DoomEdit

The lineup is mostly the same, but wiht the additions of;

  • Nujack
  • Norik Prime (that'll be contested)

As well as the guest stars;

  • Ramembolt
  • Jodkra
  • Johnson (Jodkra's targetmaster partner

And the Wreckinators:

  • iBrow (guest star form of guess who)
  • JackaL (guest star form of JL1223)
  • LesoSpinn (not a guest star)

And in the past;

  • Metrutron Prime

Actually, Metrutron was introduced in Transonicle 2, but as a hologram and passing mention. He appears in Transonicle 3 in a flash back, however.


  • By mistake, Transraga was written as an Autotoabot in the original Transonicle. He's actually a Deceptikuta
  • Most of the Autotoabots are guest stars
  • There was no Transonicle counterpart to Jolt and Mirage
  • They were originally called Autotoa. This was changed.
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