Ask the Voyatoran! is an ask comedy created by Kapurkar: Toa of Transport. It is his first Ask comedy, and has ten chapters.


The first chapter, posted Dec. 9, 2007, starts with the Voyatoran (sometimes called Doomtoran, the Voya Nui matoran) of the Rebellion at their computer. Although Piruk's Burnak eats the first, Balta makes a new one. Thus begins a comedy that spanned 8 chapters in one sitting. It was one of the first to include e-mail addresses (fake ones) with the messages. The chapters continue until June, 2008. Then, like so many other comedies, it goes on hitaus.

After 15 months, Kapurkar writes a ninth chapter. This gets a few comments, but once again, it goes on hitaus. The most recent chapter, posted June 27, 2010, involves Kazi getting hooked on Star Wars.

One thing to note is that for a while, several jokes similar to those found in Lewa0111's comedies could be found. These were only similar though, and later removed. There were three guest stars during this comedy, known at the time as Master Inika, Antroz the Bat, and SSML.

The major running gag here is the sock that always ends up in someone's mouth.

Top QuotesEdit

the cloaked figure stood at the door. kapurkar had not been heard from in some time, and she was getting concerned. only one thing stood in her way.

the door.

at once, she began banging on it, throwing anvils at it, and shooting random piraka at it. nothing worked. the figure shrugged. she would have to go to worst-case scenario; opening the door like a normal person. she sighed and reached for the doorknob. no sooner than she touched it than the door collapsed. the figure shrugged and went inside.

the place was a mess. pizza boxes and train sets were scattered all over the place, and she thought she could hear explosions in another room. no matter. against one wall was a computer, and the monitor was on. she went over to it. a message was typed into word:

hey sis.

how did he know i would stop by!? she thought rapidly.

hey sis. i knew you would stop by sooner or later. i decided to start the summer by trying to learn magic. unfortuantley, i accidentaly made myself invisible. and i can't touch the keyboard. could you write the next chapter of ask the voyatoran for me? thanks!


P.S. ignore the explosions in the other room. the guest stars got locked in there, and i lost the key.

Jalina grinned. this was going to be fun....

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Ask the Voyatoran!

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