"How much respect does someone who attempted to murder someone with a knife and steals cars in his free time deserve?"

"I'M answering the questions here, NOT you."

-Xplode and Pridak

Ask Pridak, written by Toa Zehvor MT, is the tenth addition to the TBTTRAH Series, and the first Ask Comedy in the series as well. It began in April of 2011, and is currently ongoing. It is also the only MT-only comedy written completely in prose.


The plot revolves around Pridak and Xplode, who claim they have been forced into doing a "stupid" ask comedy for BZP(thus, this comedy is considered non-canon within the TBTTRAH Series, as it breaks the Fourth Wall repeatedly). Despite being an "ask" comedy, a good chunk of the comedy consists of Pridak and Xplode arguing and insulting each other.

When Pridak does answer questions, he is generally insulting as well. Whenever faced with a question that uses an expression, he will simply poke fun at the expression("Why hasn't the comedy been updated in ages?" "Well, it has been updated within an age, or else we'd be a year old!"), or insult someone else. Generally, the questions are ridiculous, and Pridak ignores them.

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