Affiliation: Himself
Occupation: God of Comedies
First Appearance: The Hilarious Misadventures of Vultraz (2010)
Latest Appearance: Tahu vs. Tahu: Aftermath (2011)
Size: Massive. Seriously, he's huge. You're like a speck of dust to him.
Status: Unknown
Home Base: Unknown

ALMIGHTY is iBrow's version of the ultimate comedy villain, much like The Dark Lord is in Toa Zehvor MT's The Bionicles Try to Run a House series. iBrow originally did intend for him to die at the end of THMOV, but decided ALMIGHTY was too cool to die after dying once.

The Hilarious Misadventures of Vultraz (2010)Edit

ALMIGHTY appeared frequently in The Hilarious Misadventures of Vultraz due to the fact that he was the main villain. This comedy was also his debut. In it, Vultraz and Mazeka are teleported to the comedy where ALMIGHTY resides; after discovering that Vultraz is the character that he's been preparing to battle for millenia, ALMIGHTY does his best to destroy him. In the process, ALMIGHTY kills countless characters, destroys his own comedy, kills two Narrators, and nearly destroyed the comedy of Vultraz's Diner to try and kill Vultraz. In the end, he fails, getting killed by Jaller in what iBrow considers one of the greatest moments of his comedies.

Tahu vs. Tahu (2010-2012)Edit

ALMIGHTY doesn't appear in this comedy until Season 2, where he uses what power he has left from the ending of The Hilarious Misadventures of Vultraz-although in reality, he is only giving the illusion that he's run out of power-to manipulate different characters such as the guest stars, Hero Factory 2010, Hero Factory 2.0, and even several Bionicle sets. At the end of Season 2 he is supposedly "killed" by Zaktan, though the anti-climatic (and extremely fast) way it was done would suggest he simply retreated to insure he didn't die again. Fire Lord, his puppet, fell through the time machine; this activated "Phase 2" of ALMIGHTY's plans for the comedy, and continued until the end of the comedy in 2012.


  • In Tahu vs. Tahu and The Vultraz Trilogy, Toa and all other characters would be the same size as their counterparts from the other comedy series in a crossover (such as the GCC). As such, the Hero Factory character Von Nebula in Tahu vs. Tahu was the size of Axonn- and he was only the size of the guest star Flynn's (from the same comedy) foot. Flynn was about 1/4 the size of ALMIGHTY, to put ALMIGHTY's size, height, and weight into perspective.
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